Custom Copper

3 / 8 Rain Chain

2x3 residential Spout

4 inch coregated round

Downspouts 101

1. Joints

Each elbow should have 1 screw in the seam which is not showing, total unseen screws should be four. Straps should have at least a 1-11/2" wall mount strap and 2 side screws on each strap. Two straps per down spout on 1 story.  Two story houses require 3-4 and up with the increase of height.
(All screws should be pre-painted.)

2. Colors

Your downspouts should match the corner boards on your house. If the lower portion of the house has brick, stone, or a different color wood, a 2nd color may be required.


3. How many should I have?

Downspouts should be every 35 ft or less depending on the length of the run. If you have a house with lots of corners it's a smart choice to have them closer.
Remember the water has to run through the gutter and over a lump or bead of caulking on every corner just to reach the downspout.


4. Use of Commercial Downspouts

The use of Commercial downspouts can be beneficial when used on homes or commercial buildings with large roof space. This is also a good idea when homes are in larger wooded areas. This will allow debris to flow through easier and avoid clogs. Also can be used on long runs of rain gutter longer than 50 feet if one downspout is the only option.

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