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"The Gutter Guys" was established in the spring of 1995.

We use the finest material and believe in only the best.  "If I wouldn't put it on my house I certainly won't put it on yours!"

We believe our installers not only should have good ethical and moral values they must have a respect and pride for what they do.  It's not just about a paycheck. 

Idaho Contractor License

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Meet the Owner

I would first like to thank you for considering “The Gutter Guys” to work on your home. Your home is the only thing you own that actually appreciates in value.

This being said your home is only as good as the people and products you use.

I opened “The Gutter Guys” in the spring of 1995.  Just a nineteen year old kid that had 2 years experience installing for a roofing company.

You will never find a more picky owner/operator in the industry, when it comes to material selections and installation.

For examples: Custom hand cut corners, cutting and tucking of the roof edge metal, using high-end materials and sealants.

I can say that through the years my experience has been instrumental in developing one of the best “Rain Channeling Systems” in the Northwest.  I am extremely pleased with the way “The Gutter Guys” has evolved through the years and am excited about the future.

I hope that our company is one that all our customers talk about with excitement and praise.  We hope to earn your business and hope you find our website informative.

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                                                                     Matt Surplus

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